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Performance Air is your solution for safe, premium air-travel that operates the finest aero asset to provide flights 365 days a year. 


Our pilots and staff have decades of experience that will ensure a high-quality and luxurious yet, affordable and safe travel experience. Coupled with comfort and peace of mind with excellent customer service, prepare for  an unforgettable, charter . 

We provide on demand charters, reservations ,emergency, medevac fligths throughout The Bahamas and The Caribbean. 


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For Travel

 Composed of 700 islands and cays and nestled within the warm waters of the Caribbean,  The Bahamas, perfect destination for travel.  Travellers select The Bahamas as a top destination to relax, create memories and rejuvenate. 


It has established itself as the ideal location for the whole family and with a personal experience that is unique to each visitor. 

For your island destination, reserve your flight with us today.

For Pleasure

Endless possibilities in The Bahamas to provide long-lasting pleasure. Allow us to provide transportation to your island of choice in the Bahamas and The Caribbean.  


Island Gateway

Considering a full, private excursion or just a simple getaway to one of the nearby islands?

The Bahamas is the ideal destination for a true get away. 

Reserve an Island Getaway with us to any of these beautiful islands: 


 Harbour Island, North Eleuthera

Staniel Cay, Exuma 

We provide premier and exclusive air-charter services to solve all travel necessities of our clients.  

Customisation of unique experiences differentiates us from our competitors and has prompted successful performance in the aviation industry for nearly two decades. 

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